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  天游平台报道, With the popularity of celebrity parenting reality shows in recent years, people have more opportunities to see their favorite celebrities and their children. They also have more understanding of celebrities’ private lives. The audience will see that The handsome and beautiful stars in TV dramas or movies are just ordinary moms and dads before children. In the famous "child his dad" among the male stars, Du Jiang certainly has a copy. In that year, he took the little prince, who looks like a half-breed, to go on “Where is Daddy?” and let the little prince fire. Exaggerating a bit, um, the current popularity may be even higher than Du Jiang himself. In the show, Du Jiang demonstrated the exemplary teaching of "friend-style parents". He and his children played together like friends and exchanged them seriously.

  The other one also took his children to the variety show. He is Wu Zun. What the audience did not expect was that the handsome father was moved to tears from time to time in front of his daughter. His daughter was very fond of crying, but there was a program that did not cry and made people curious. When asked about her daughter, she answered because her father told her that To be brave, Wu Zun’s eyes immediately went red. From this detail, Wu Zun’s education of children is very serious and effective, and his father and daughter are also very loving. The last thing to say is Jimmy Lin and his son Kimi. Kimi Kim is very much liked by the audience because his performance has always been more sensible and well-behaved. The fans all know that Jimmy Lin always keeps in touch with the children before going to bed. Regular communication can promote the relationship between the two. Parents can't think that their children will be better with themselves for no reason.


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