The actress is famous for her food

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  天游平台报道,When it comes to female stars in show business, they are praised for their size and so on. Of course, there are quite a few stars who are the queen of goods. For example, airport private servers like idemi will soon have imitations every time. Like our fan bingbing, the cosmetic that she recommends, cause slow sale even more, a lot of daigou are private letter to her, say to hope her open one side to let them off; However, this is nothing compared to the man I told you about. Nothing you can't see but what you can't imagine. I would like to tell you that this is the famous Korean female entertainer known for eating. She is vasa. Yeah, you heard that right. It's a woman. She was a member of the south Korean girl group, never popular and unknown. Recently, however, she was on a show where she had a bite to eat, and who knew that since she ate it, it was sold out.

   To a female star, do not know because of this way of prosperity or misfortune. However, she is red anyway, for some people who are not always red, no doubt she is lucky. As long as she makes great efforts to develop her old business through the popularity of her food blogger, she will surely become even more popular. The use of other fire to develop their own old line is no longer few, like humble he fire is relying on his jokes, and then began to bring red his songs. We believe that as long as we have the power to make use of this, so as to embark on our original path, it will not be a meteor in this circle, but a star, will be permanent fire. What do you think?


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