"Snow" questioned Marvel

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  天游平台报道,At the Toronto Film Festival, Kit Harington, who played the “Snow” in “Game of Thrones”, denounced some movie atmosphere circle. He shouted to Marvel why there not be openly gay been invited to play an important role. Accepting the "variety" interview, Harrington said that this situation must be changed. "In the Marvel movie, it's hard to see a gay actor play a super hero on the screen version. I want to say, when will it happen?”

   What Harrington said is not wrong. There are few gay actors in the superhero blockbuster stars, except Ian McKellen in “X-men: Magneto series” and Ezra Miller, the “Flash” in “Justice League”, who has been open their sexual orientation. Marvel series "Aegis Bureau agents" and "Jessica Jones" has been starring selected gay actors, but spectators completely not to see their shadows in the big screen. The marvel movie not only missing gay actor starred in the script, but also almost no gay characters. "Raytheon 3" even deleted that Valkyrie’s bisexual content. Although the director Taika Waititi fight for it, he also failed to keep the scene finally. Miller, who has open her “queer” of identity to the public, also received a lot of dissuade from his friends. The circle of people always said to him: "This was a mistake. There are so many gays and queers, flow Genders decided to hide their sexual orientation and Gender orientation in Hollywood, because they do so for a reason. You will lose the chance to get your own hero". Later, Miller got two big movie starring invitations from DC's "Lightning Man" and the "Harry Potter" spin-off movie "Magic Animals".


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