Henry Carvell will not play superman?

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  天游平台报道,Henry Carville did not play superman? Foreign media"Hollywood" reported the exclusive news: both Carville and Warner has not been determined, but in Carville, he has been going his own way". Reported that Warner intended to let Carville guest DC movie film "Shazan universe! ", but they did not reach a consensus. The news source said that "The door Superman would appear has been shut in." The report also said that Warner is unlikely to start a superman movie in recent years, "Superman is same as 007, we must choose a new actor over a period."

  It is said that because of scheduling conflicts, Carville guest "Shazan!" The report said Carville recently signed up for Netflix's highly anticipated novel. game adaptation of The Wizard, which he will play as the lead character, Gerald. The report also said: Recognizing that the last few DC movies weren't good, Warner was trying to reboot the universe for DC movies in a new direction. Apart from Carville and Affleck's possible exit, several other superhero single characters, such as Gail Gardo, Zachary Levy, Jason Mauma and Ezra Miller, who have been filmed or are sure to be filmed, are still exist. Later, a Warner Brothers spokesman issued a statement in response to the report through the Hollywood Reporter: "We haven't made any decisions about the future of Superman movies, but we've always had great respect for Henry and good relationship with. It's not changed." Danny Garcia, Carville's agent, calmed everyone down, saying that "Superman's cloak is still in his closet" and that both sides are partners as Warner develops the DC universe. Later, Carville released a video, "Today's exciting". In the video, he was wearing a clothes with the Krypton Weightlifting Team, and he hold a Superman doll.

 Henry Carvell

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