Jon Peters is not recognized as producer

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  天游平台报道,On September 12, the United States Producers Association (PGA) announced the latest decision: Jon Peters can not sign the producer in "birth of a star", and he also can not get PGA as Darryl F. Zanuck award. While Peters is not a member of the PGA, if the film wins an Oscar prize for Best Picture, whether he can sign the film's producer for the award will be decided by the sponsor, the American Academy of Film, Television and Sciences.

  The announcement comes as the harassment charges that Peters received repeatedly in the 12-year period. In 1996-2008, Peters have recently been brought up again by the media. Warner also issued a statement saying Peters was linked to the film because he was the producer of the 1976 old edition of "The Birth of a Star," and Warner had contractual obligations to make the new edition. Lady Gaga, one of the film's leading actors, has been actively voicing anti-aggression, and Peters’ involvement in the film has been questioned online. Among the many allegations he received, former assistant Shelly Morita claimed that he harassed and created an unfavorable working in the environment where Superman Return being photographed in 2006, and Peters denied the charges. In 2011, a jury of Losangeles jury awarded him $3 million 300 thousand to Morita. Other accusations of harassment include his financial director, housekeeper and other women. Most recently in 2008, a man, Brian Quintana, said he was harassed by Peters when he was working as a producer of a planned Superman movie and executive of Peters'entertainment company and asked him to make false evidence, forging documents, etc. After that, Peters countercharged Quintana, which ended in 2010.

Jon Peters

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