"Predator" actors conceal criminal history

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  天游平台报道,On September 11, according to foreign media reports, actors Boyd Hobrooke, Stirling K. Brown and other actors were in support of the co-actor Olivia Mann in "Iron and Blood Warrior". Marne recently revealed that one of the actors in the film who played her rival was a registered sex offender and had been jailed for luring minor women on the Internet, but he concealed the history. Later She learned and reacted to Fox, initially without a response, and someone told her to shut up for the movie. Since then, Foss has deleted the play of Ma and the man, claiming that he did not know the actor's criminal background.The incident came out last week.

  In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Marne revealed that she successfully persuaded Foss to delete a scene from the film: she had a short rival play with the actor Steven Wilder Striegel about how Striegel's character had been repeatedly associated with Marne's tone.Striegel played a small role in the movie. Marne was unaware of his background and later learned that he was a sex offender. Marne told Foss about it, and the play was deleted from the main film. Striegel was convicted in 2010 of sexually seducing a 14-year-old female distant relative by e-mail and served six months in prison. Because Striegel was a friend of director Shane Blake, he got small roles in movies after leaving prison, such as his brief appearances in Blake's Iron Man 3 and Tear Resistant Detective. Blake first told the Los Angeles Times that he had "chosen to help a friend".Then he issued a statement saying that Striegel gave Blake misleading information when he told him about his conviction, causing Blake to make a mistake. "I believe in giving people a second chance, but sometimes you will find it's not as promising as you think."

Steven Wilder Striegel

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