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  天游平台报道,As the eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Malia turned over her first acting role as MV for the rock band New Dakota's new song "Walking On Air". In the MV, Malia first appeared in an audition, dancing hand and foot, and then she kept dancing to the rhythm of the song. According to media reports, Malia appeared in the MV because of her classmate, who is a member of the band.

  This is not Malia's first exposure to the entertainment industry. As early as 2015, she participated as an intern in the TV series "The Fallen Sisters" by actress Lena Dunham in New York. In addition, Malia made time to come to Los Angeles to study on the set of the CBS TV series Extant. The production team of this play is very powerful. Halle Berry starred in the play, and one of the producers was Steven Spielberg. Before the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal revealing, Malia joined the entertainment giant Weinstein in 2017 as an intern. It seems that the former first daughter's choice is also closely related to her parents. After leaving the White House, Mrs Obama and Hollywood are also very close. In May, the media revealed that Obama had signed an agreement with Netflix, a popular streaming platform, to co-produce a wide range of content, possibly television, sitcoms, documentaries and even movies. Anyway, the former first daughter, Malia Obama can now increase an identity in their resume: actor MV.

Malia Obama

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