Gu ha ra's sex video was revealed

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  天游平台报道,South Korean actress Gu Ha Ra and her boyfriend had been involved in a fight earlier this month. Both sides held their own opinions and handed over the sheets to the police. The girl was beaten to bleeding uterus and the boy needed skin grafting because of the deep scars on her face. South Korean media broke out a new progress. After the police had seen the man's injuries, Gu Ha Ra was not guilty of "violence", but she was inevitably guilty of injuries and was most likely to be sentenced to "injuries." As for the responsibility facing the man, it was not clear. Gu Ha Ra intended to reconcile three times through the lawyer to her boyfriend, but the man did not agree. While even if the two sides really reconcile, Gu Ha Ra may still be unable to escape criminal responsibility.

  According to media reports, Gu Ha Ra 's boyfriend sent a video of the couple's sexual intercourse to Her via chat software on the day of the clash. Gu Ha Ra contacted the brokerage representative immediately after being threatened and knelt down to him to ask him not to make the video public. Today, the media released the video in which Gu Ha Ra knelt down to him in the underground parking lot. Because her boyfriend refused to delete the videos, Gu Ha Ra had reported the man to the police for coercion, sexual violence and other charges on 27 February. It's hard to break up for lovers, and most of us are bound to be hit hard when we break up. Nor should it cause sexual coercion and violence. After all, you were once deeply loved by each other.

 Gu Ha Ra

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