Malfoy and Harry showed up together

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  天游平台报道,Series films "Harry Potter" have ended in 2011, but there are still many actors still active in the show circle. The actor Daniel Radcliffe recently crossed the border as a stage actor. A few days ago, when he performed in New York, "Malfoy" Tom Felton also came to the scene to support him. the two also took photos and uploaded them to IG to excite fans.

  Tom Felton had a photo taken on the IG recently. He and Daniel hugged each other's shoulders and smiled happily at the camera. This is a rare case of the two being framed again after seven years apart. Compared with the past, the appearance of the two people has changed a lot.Daniel kept his beard and looked a lot more mature. Tom Felton, who has faded out of acting circles, with his hair line getting higher and higher in recent years, wearing gold-framed glasses and a shabby face, looked a little haggard and completely unthinkable that he had just passed his 31st birthday. Seeing two people holding together, fans of Harry Potter were all excited. They left messages. "Harry and Malfoy will never be like this, but it's still great." "It's such a beautiful picture. I'm already crying. " Tom Felton went to the front to help promote the IG. He praised Daniel Radcliffe for his excellent performance and shouted that fans should go and see. It was clear that the two enemies in the play had really good extracurricular feelings.

 Malfoy and Harry

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