The biggest drawback of Liu Ran

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  天游平台报道, Since Liu Yanran was excavated by the mantor Chen Sicheng, the road to career has been extremely smooth. He does not know whether he is a talented or hard-working player. He has performed very well in several works, and the movie itself is also good enough. When he got up, he quickly became famous. In the eyes of people, he was a perfect boy. The perfect place for the perfect teenager is of course appearance. When Chen Sicheng went to the university to discover new people, a group of students came together to know each other, and then the girls voted for the most favored boys. It was not surprising that Liu Ranran had almost won the entire vote. This type of boys' attraction to the opposite sex is irrespective of age and personality. Even boys will think he looks good.

  I did not expect that the phrase “no one is perfect” could one day be used on Liu’s body. As he has more variety shows, more and more black material has been revealed. The most “black” is expected He couldn't sing this thing. In one program, He Xie mentioned something that Liu Xiaoran sang. He said that once he went to record the song, he didn't expect it to come out in twenty minutes. He just wanted to ask how smooth it was, and Liu Lanran answered the teacher. He recorded it once and said, no need! You go! This is really quite comedic. A perfect teenager can't sing. In addition, there were people on the Internet who broke the news. He was silently watching the topic on the platform. "What is the reason for singing and dancing?" If this is true, it makes fans want to laugh, knowing that their lack will go. The spirit of learning is very worthy of the fans to learn, but it is to laugh because it is so cute.


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