Depp was accused of domestic violence

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  天游平台报道,Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp's image has suffered a setback since his ex-wife, Amber Heard, accused him of domestic violence. Although the couple are divorced, the woman's lawsuit against him is still in progress. He spoke about it for the first time in a recent interview and recounted the situation. Depp denied that he had ever had a family violence, "to hurt a person you love? Like bullying? Not at all, that doesn't sound like me at all! "

  Johnny Depp and his ex-wife broke up a domestic violence dispute in 2016, and the divorce lawsuit lasted eight months, paying each other an alimony of $220 million, ended in early 2017. But the domestic violence lawsuit is still going on. Through the lawyer the two sides is not mutually divulging in the courtroom, while they relationship is very stiff. Johnny Depp, who recently appeared on the cover of the British edition of GQ magazine, for the first time openly talked about domestic violence with his ex-wife, saying that he didn't want to join the scuffle, speak ill of the other person or defend himself, because he had been married to the other person. So he chose to shut up and give everything to lawyers. Earlier, the media exposed the movie when he was furious,but Johnny Depp said it was recorded earlier. He believed that his ex-wife was trying to make himself look like a domestic bully, and that the film also took a hit on his image. But he still insists that the truth will come. When asked if he would ever get married again or find another love, Johnny Depp insisted: "No!"


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