Megan's dress salutes Diana

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  天游平台报道,On October 16th, Megan made her first debut since she announced her pregnancy. Megan and Prince Harry visited Australia, which has attracted a lot of public attention. The eyes of all the Royal fans were concentrated on the Duchess of Sussex Megan. Megan chose Australian and American fashion designers respectively, wearing two different styles. While punctual royalty fans noticed that Megan was wearing the same set of jewellery, even though she had changed two suits. According to the Daily Mail, Megan was wearing a Butterfly Earring and a blue jewel bracelet worn by Prince Harry's late mother, Princess Diana. The pair of diamond-encrusted butterfly earrings were worn by Princess Diana and Prince Charles during their May 1986 visit to Canada, while the blue jewel open bracelet was worn by Princess Diana during a visit to a nursing home in Newham, East London, in September 1990. Princess Diana also wore these jewellery to shake hands with the people on the street. Megan's action is considered to be full of respect and heritage, so that fans are very moved.

  Princess Diana said in an interview before she died: "I treasure these jewellery very much, and I hope my son will like it and will wear it to his wife in the future." Megan completed the Princess Diana's wish to make this diplomatic trip more meaningful. In addition, Megan's ring finger has been wearing custom diamond wedding rings, inside two white diamonds were owned by Princess Diana. It is worth mentioning that Megan's first visit to Australia has become the fashion show of the most beautiful pregnant mother. Apart from wearing Diana's jewelry, two different styles of dress have also attracted much attention.


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