New poster of “Mary Queen of Scots”

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  天游平台报道,On October 18, The new film“Mary Queen of Scots”, starring Sylsa Ronan and Marguerite Robbie, has released a new poster for its show in North America on December 7. The film will be the closing film of the motion picture festival of the American film society. The film festival will be held in 11.8-11.15.

  The film tells the stormy life of the glamorous Mary Scots, who became Queen of France at the age of 16 and a widow at the age of 18. Then, under the pressure of refusing to remarry, Mary decided to return to her native Scotland and regain her throne. But Scotland and England were then ruled by the powerful Elizabeth I. The young queens were both afraid and fascinated by their sisters. They were not only rivals of power and love, but also female monarchs in the male world. They had to decide whether to choose marriage or independence. Desperate to become more than an anonymous queen, Mary advocated the right to inherit the throne of England, which directly threated the rule of Elizabeth I. The two palaces were full of treachery, rebellion and intrigue, which not only endangered their respective thrones, but also changed history. The film was starred by Ronan as Mary, Robbie as Elizabeth, Jack Lauden as Mary's second husband and cousin Prince Darnley, Joe Alvin as Elizabeth's minister Robert Dudley. David Tennant and Guy Pierce also participated in the film. Donmar Warehouse art director Josie Rourke presented the director's first show. With so many superstars' joining, the movie is really worth seeing.

 Mary Queen of Scots

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