"High School Musical" will shoot TV series.

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  天游平台报道,On October 18, Disney's “High School Musical: The Musical” picked the lead actor: musican and television actor Joshua Bassett. He will play Ricky, a disgusting sweetheart boy, cynical but charming, a junior high school student whose girlfriend Nini suddenly broke up with him. He made a brave decision to bring Nini back by competing for the lead role in his school drama, "High School Musical".

   The 10 episode of the drama is a documentary style and is expected to be launched in the second half of 2019. It tells about a group of students in Donggao who designed and rehearsed the musical "High School Musicale" and found that there were as many drama outside the play as in the play. Each assembly has a new song, plus a track from the original movie. Other main roles are "Steel butterfly" Nini, The sons of two barristers, E.J., Gorgeous and courageous girls Ashlyn, bewildered Big Red, and so on. Nini likes music, likes watching music draft, likes to sing Ariana Grande songs. She met her new true love E.J. in the summer camp, so she chose to break up with her current boyfriend Ricky. That's how interesting stories start. "High School Musical" is a memory of many people. It carries youth and dreams. Today, this movie will be turned into a TV play, which will surely make many people think of it. Sincerely hope that this new TV play can bring us the same passion and emotion.

High School Musical

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