Mach criticized Mourning Stanley

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  天游平台报道,Bill Mach, a well-known host of The Mach Talk Show, recently criticized people for mourning the death of Stanley, saying that adults should realize that comic books are for children and that it is "foolish" to be obsessed with comic books. Then Stanley's company POW! Entertainment issued an open letter in response to Mach, saying that celebrities with strong platforms like him need to be more responsible for their speech.

   In a blog article entitled Growing Up, Mach said he realized that the world was mourning Stanley, and he thought that as a cartoonist, Stanley really inspired millions of people to go to the movies. Mach said he had no objection to cartoons. He read them when he was a child and now. "But at that time, both adults and children thought cartoons were for children. When you grow up, you will see"Big Boy Books"without pictures. Mach criticized previous adults for not giving up children's books and pretending that comic books were actually complex literary works; now adults are forced to do what real adults do, like buying car insurance. Mach said: "we are using our intelligence and wisdom in folly. I don't think it is too exaggerated to say so: Trump will be elected president only in a country that thinks comic books are very important." POW! Entertainment's open letter says: "Great creators like Stanley let us feel, let us think, teach us lessons." He says that Mach has the right to think that comics are childish and simple, but Mach has a powerful platform. "Greater the ability, greater the responsibility."

  Bill Mach

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