Taylor Swift signed UMG

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  天游平台报道,Taylor Swift recently signed a new record deal with Universal Music Group. She announced the big news on social media, including a photo of her with Lucian Gregg, chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, and Monte Lipman, CEO of Republican Records. She also took the title "My New Home."

   Taylor Swift, 28, has been working for Big Machine Records since 2006, during which time Swift has undoubtedly become the biggest earner of the brand. However, less than a month ago, her contract had expired. "I am delighted to announce that my new home in music will be Republican Records and Universal Music Group," she said, "Sir Lucian Gregg and Monte Lipman have been such incredible partners for many years. It gives me unprecedented excitement." She continued: "For me, it's very important for the future of our industry to agree with the brand. I am encouraged by the new opportunities created by the changing prospects of the streaming media world and our industry. I also strongly believe that streaming media is built on the magic created by artists, writers and producers and will continue to flourish. I want to thank Scott Borchetta for choosing to trust me when I was a 14-year-old and for guiding me through the work I've been proud of for more than a decade. I'm very grateful to be able to do what I like, especially to work with these excellent people. Fortunately, fans who care about the lyrics and melodies I write. " As her fans, we sincerely wish her a better development in her new home.

 Taylor Swift

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