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  天游平台报道,Korean pop singer IU is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018, and touring concerts are in full swing. Staff members also took their hearts of gratitude and filmed the concert VCR as a gift for the tenth anniversary. Referring to IU's care for themselves, many staff members talked about tears, and even hairdressers choked before they spoke. Thanks for all IU has done for them over the years. IU TEAM, known as "comparable to the size of small and medium-sized enterprises", has nearly 40 employees, including brokers, dressers, hairdressers, makeup artists, musicians and dancers. Together they filmed the film and expressed their thoughts about IU. One dancer said, "At Christmas, my sister wrote us a letter by herself. The content was very long. I was very touched when I received it." Another dancer also said, "She often praises us on trifles and gives us a lot of confidence." Some staff members mentioned that working with IU is one of the most enjoyable things. To be honest, artists who greet dancers, musicians and other staff cordially are really uncommon. She is the hero of creating the excellent working atmosphere of'IU TEAM'."

   IU is a well-known caregiver. A Korean entertainment journalist revealed on the program that in 2015, her seven-year contract with the brokerage company expired. When discussing the terms of renewal, the company said that she came from the long-term trust and integrity of the company and did not receive additional signing fees. But at that time, she actually put forward two conditions, one is to ensure the continuation of IU team staff, the other is to raise salaries for these employees. Such a sense of righteousness, let the industry also quite surprised.


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