Steven Siegel's sexual assault case ended

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  天游平台报道,Steven Seagal, a 65-year-old American action star, was accused by Regina Simons, a 43-year-old female model, of raping her in January this year. After the scandal broke out, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office conducted an investigation. Foreign media reported on the 21st that the sexual assault case had passed the statutory prosecution period and decided not to prosecute Steven Seagal according to law. The case could only come to a grim end. Regina Simmons, interviewed on the show, said that when she was 18 years old, she made a guest appearance in Steven Siegel's self-directed film On Deadly Ground, but was deceived by the other party to attend the "Youth Banquet", only to find out that she was the only one who was raped by the other party. She was forced to stay in bed, unable to move, and helplessly looked at the photo of Steven Siegel and his wife, Kelly LeBrock, the leading character of Modern Babysitter.

  In recent years, Hollywood has launched the "MeToo" movement, and many evil wolves have been caught one by one for their superficial scenery and private aggression against others. However, laws in various parts of the United States have different provisions on the prosecution period of criminal cases, and even if they are exposed to the past, they will not necessarily be punished. Another person who escaped the prosecution because of the expiration of the prosecution period was Kevin Spacey of "House of Cards", who saved himself from prison but completely destroyed his acting career.

 Steven Siegel

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