Xi Mengyao Meets with Guo Jingming

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  天游平台报道,People’s attention to entertainment has never been less, but if it’s not clear that many people don’t know about model circles, even more famous models often meet with the audience in variety shows, but they’re not relying on them. For this meal, the audience did not like that they had no influence on them. However, when they appear in front of us, they can still attract everyone's attention. Because their body is not what the average person can match, the proportion of legs can surprise people on the spot. The recent collaboration between Yan Mengyao and Guo Jingming at the airport reflected this matter. The two walked together. Although Guo Jingming tried to avoid walking in the previous position of Hao Mengyao, it is obvious that Yu Mengyao’s leg length has reached the height of Guo Jingming’s chest.

   The best proportion of the figure should be the golden ratio, that is, the ratio of the length of the legs to the upper body is about 3 to 7 and the models generally have this figure. The official height of the nightmare is 178, and she believes that her figure as a world-class model is also In golden ratio, her leg length will be more than one meter, and Guo Jingming's height is obviously shorter. According to many online news, he can guess his height is about 1.53 meters, so that when they stand together With the "wonest height difference" wonderful scene. Yu Mengyao is dressed in a cowboy and shows the advantages brought by his tall figure. This is indeed the temperament of the model. And Xiaosi is indeed the top four in the eyes of netizens. The figure is relatively short but very confident. The two are old friends and so there are some exchanges from time to time. However, both of them are equal winners when they cast their bodies. They are regardless of their career.


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