A N. Flying member harassed fans

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  天游平台报道,FNC, a well-known entertainment company in South Korea, owns well-known groups such as FTISLAND, CNBLUE and AOA. Although N. Flying, the men's group under FNC, has not achieved great success since he joined the army, it has also accumulated many loyal fans. However, Kwon Kwang-jen, a member of FNC, has been seduced by explosions and sexually harassed fans. He announced his withdrawal from the regiment on 19 th. "Kwon Kwang-jen does interact with fans," the brokerage company said in a statement on the 26th. Fans exploded on the internet, and Kwon Kwang-jen not only kept in private with fans, but also used his signature to do things for girls. Besides touching hands, he also used his thigh to clamp himself and asked, "Do you want to associate with me?" It was also revealed that Quan Guangzhen would invite fans to have coffee in private. If fans did not want to go with him, he would still insist on it. The final bill was the company name of FNC.

  Kwon Kwang-jen, N. Flying bass player, became a trainee in 2006 and was a reserve member of CNBLUE. It took nine years for him to officially make his debut. FNC Entertainment, a brokerage company, officially announced Kwon Kwang-jen's withdrawal from the group on the 19th. In the statement, Kwon Kwang-jen admitted that he had indeed met fans in private. As a member of the group, it was indeed an improper act. After thinking deeply, he decided to withdraw from the group and reflect on himself. FNC also emphasizes that N. Flying will be working with four people in the future.

 N. Flying

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