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  天游平台报道,Welcome to the latest week of box office in North America (12.21-12.23), "Aquaman" won the crown of the week, but slightly less than expected, "Happy Man on Earth 2" performance is also not as expected, and "Bumblebee" opened the lowest performance in the "Transformers" series.

  The 4125 Hall of "Sea King" charges 67.4 million yuan, with a single Hall of 16,339 dollars, plus a total of 72.1 million screenings in advance. The freshness of rotten tomatoes was 64%, MTC55, and the audience scored A-. DCEU box office for the first week: 93.48 million for Justice Alliance, 103 million for Magic Woman, 134 million for Suicide Team, 166 million for Batman War Superman and 117 million for Superman: Iron Man. Seventy overseas markets totaled 91.3 million, 411 million and 483 million worldwide. Overseas box office performance of the film was excellent, which was 22% higher than Batman Wars Superman, 52% of Justice Alliance and 86% higher than Magic Woman in the same period. China's mainland currently has a total of 1.62 billion, the seventh highest-grossing imported films. The IMAX box office receives another 32.6 million, of which 21.6 million come from the mainland. In the same period, the box office of the film is 12% higher than that of Justice Alliance and 33% higher than that of Magic Woman in Europe and 8% higher than that of Magic Woman in Latin America. In Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan, it will become Warner's highest box office movie.


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