Kevin Spacey's suspected sexual assault

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  天游平台报道,December 28, the police said that video evidence of Kevin Spacey's alleged sexual assault already exists. Last year, Spacey was accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old man in a restaurant in Nantucket. Police now have a video that captures some of the incidents. The man sent a Snapchat video to his girlfriend to prove that something had happened between him and Spacey, who touched the man's crotch, according to the Nantucket District Court indictment. It is said that Spacey bought a lot of wine for the plaintiff and assaulted him when he was drunk. He said that Spacey also boasted about the size of his genitals.

  The man's girlfriend confirmed to the police that he had sent her a Snapchat video about Spacey touching his crotch when she did not believe that Spacey had assaulted him. At last week's trial, Mr. Spacey said the video showed someone touching another person's clothes, but it did not show anyone was improperly touched. He also stressed that the man did not immediately report a case to the police, lied about his 23-year-old age and was drunk and might not remember what had happened. During this period, many entertainment industry leaders have been exposed to sexual harassment, which deserves our reflection. We also hope that the entertainment industry will have more clarity and decency and less dirty activities.

 Kevin Spacey

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