Aquaman 2 is set to start shooting

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  天游平台报道,The movie Aquaman has made a world-wide box office success, boarding DC to expand the highest box office in the universe. Previously, there was news that the film would be a sequel, and that the villains in the film, David Hyde and Dr. Stephen Shen, would be filming. Stephen Shin's story hasn't been explained yet, so fans are almost sure there will be a second one, and now the good news is that "Aquaman 2" has been finalized and is now in the preparatory stage!

  According to foreign media reports, "Aquaman" is sure to have a sequel, and it is already in the preparatory stage, even referring to Warner Brothers'decision to let director James Wan oversee all the preparatory work, including his decision to write the script. He can also choose to continue directing the sequel after seeing the script of the sequel. After the exposure, James Wan himself was also found to forward the report on Twitter. Although he did not say anything, the action of forwarding was presumed to be the default content of the report by fans. A spokesman for James Wan earlier responded that he was still resting after completing the arduous production and promotion of Aquaman, and that he would not decide on the content of the sequel so quickly, "unless he found a script that was"worth shooting." James Wan has yet to decide whether he will succeed as director of the Aquaman sequel.


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