Will Smith quit Suicide Squad 2

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  天游平台报道,It has been reported that will Smith is about to withdraw from the DC superhero film suicide Squad 2! Although suicide Squad 2 is ready to start construction, Warner Bros. could lose the biggest star in their series, according to the foreign media Variety. Although will Smith has not yet announced whether to return to suicide Squad 2, sources have revealed to Variety that his role as "Dead shot" will not appear in the sequel. The main reason for not being able to join the sequel is that the schedule Joe is not close, and there is no displeasure between the two sides.

  Warner Bros. has yet to officially announce which characters will return to suicide Squad 2, but the studio has been hoping that big names such as will Smith or Margaret Robbie, who plays Joker Girl, will continue to perform sequels at the same time. Will Smith Studios and its spokesman have yet to respond to news of their withdrawal from the sequel to suicide 2. The first episode of "suicide Squad," which drew negative reviews, is still grossing $746 million around the world, making it one of Warner's top-grossing films in 2016. The sequel, directed by James Gunn, director of the Galactic Guard, is expected to begin this fall and be released on August 6, 2021. Will "suicide Squad" without Will Smith be as popular as the first one? We are still hopeful that will Smith will continue to star in the series.

  Will Smith

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