Captain America's Oscar look

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  天游平台报道,Captain of the United States Chris Evans helped Regina King, the best supporting actress, to receive the award at the Oscars, and the gentleman's performance won praise from all sides, which has become one of the hottest topics at this year's awards ceremony. In addition to Chris's considerate behavior was well received, his costume modeling has also been praised by many people, that there is the Disney animation prince feeling. His stylist admitted that everyone really good eyesight, the source of inspiration is really "fairy shoes strange fate" in the prince.

  The stylist explained: "I was just watching" Fairy shoes "with my daughter and suddenly felt that I wanted Chris to look like the prince in the film. I didn't have to match exactly what I was wearing in the film, and he didn't think it was all right, just excited that I could help him make what I wanted, and be happy for me. " Because Chris didn't like one of the prince's white dresses, the stylist decided to let him wear a blue suit coat. Because the color of this suit coat is a special blue, it is difficult to find it for a while. The coat had to be specially made within two weeks and completed three days before the ceremony. It was in this case that Chris decided at the last minute on the shape of the ceremony. Chris, dressed in a custom-made dress, sure enough released the charm of handsome charm, and his gentlemanly demeanor complement each other.

 Chris Evans

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