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  天游平台报道, Birthday is counting the time when you come to the world. Many people think that this is the most important day of the year. Stars are no exception. On this day, people will receive blessings from family and friends. Many people will publish these blessings. Social media tells everyone that they have the best and best wishes. June 16 was the birthday of Joey Yung. Many of her celebrity friends gave her a blessing on this day. For example, Hong Kong's COO Mr. Hou Wenxi made a blessing for his happy birthday at 23:59 the evening before. The pictures of Jiugong Tu are full of high-value beauty. Of course, everyone is surrounded by the focus of today's audience.

   In addition, Ah Sa also sent a blessing Weibo on the birthday of Joey Yung. As a good friend of fans, they will each other participate in each other's birthday party. She sent a group of photos and also accompanied the words, “Our favorite boil goose, Happy birthday, most importantly, good health, happy every day. Love you, very sweet words so that we can feel their friendship is very deep. The ancestor's position in the emperor was relatively high. She became a singer at the age of fifteen when she won the competition championship, and was a singer of Emperor Entertainment three years later. Together with two other young female singers, she became a singer. "Emperor Three Flowers", she had a fame in Hong Kong very early on. When her pop song was enough, she started to harvest fans from the mainland and gradually became a famous female singer. Now she is nearly 40. She does not know whether there will be more and better new works for fans.

Joey Yung

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