Disney buys Fox

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  天游平台报道,As soon as Disney's purchase of Fox was completed, the "layoffs" and the panic among Fox employees came quietly. Disney has announced the closure of the FOX 2000 label, and larger layoffs are still ahead. According to sources, Disney may lay off 3,000 employees after acquiring Fox. External speculation suggests that the number of layoffs could reach 4,000 to 10,000. The layoffs list includes not only grass-roots employees, but also many executives at the CEO level who will lose their jobs. For example, Chris Aronson, Fox's Director of Domestic Distribution, Heather Phillips, Vice President and Director of Domestic Publicity, and Mike Dunn, President of Product Strategy and Consumer Business Development.

  In interviews with foreign media, many Fox employees expressed their dissatisfaction with the layoffs and even complained about the acquisition. It is reported that part of the redundancy compensation program is: every year employees work in Fox, they will be paid two weeks'salary compensation, the upper limit is two years' salary compensation. As the "downsizing tide" came so fiercely, not only Fox employees were panicked, but some Disney employees were also worried. They said to foreign media: "Fox employees were laid off at least there is a clear compensation program, we were laid off do not know who to look for."


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