Danielis had a serious illness

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  天游平台报道,According to foreign media reports, Danielis, who laughs like a horse and a ghost outside the theatre, had a painful experience. As the final season of Game of Power begins, actress Emilia Clark, who will bid farewell to Danielis, recently wrote a long essay for The New Yorker, exposing herself for the first time to a serious illness. In the early stage of "Game of Power", she longed for the time when her career took off, she had to undergo two operations for cerebral aneurysms. At one time, she was dying, and she also thought about suicide. Finally, she survived.

  A few weeks after the operation, Clark took part in the San Diego exhibition. SDCC fans were so enthusiastic that she didn't want to disappoint them. But before answering the questions, she suddenly felt a sharp headache and felt that "I've cheated twice on death. This time he came to me." But when she stepped off the stage and PR asked what was going on, she said she had symptoms, but PR said there was still an MTV interview waiting. Clark thought that if I went, I might not be able to live on TV. She said it was clear that many people suffered more than herself, and revealed that she had launched Same You to help people with brain damage and stroke. She said she would welcome everything in the future with a happy witness to the end of Game of Power.


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