Kelly Jenner's Marriage Crisis

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  天游平台报道,Recently, Kylie Jenner's relationship with Travis Scott has been influenced by rumors. Regarding the rumors of Travis's infidelity, outsiders said that the couple are in good relationship at present. Despite their recent difficulties, they have passed away and are moving forward actively.

   The source added: "This couple is the first time to be parents. It's all new to them. They take every day as an opportunity to learn together. Travis'tour is coming to an end. The couple are looking forward to having a better time together.” Last month, Travis temporarily cancelled his concert in New York a few hours before going onstage. Reported that Travis withdrew from the show to date his girlfriend, but then his representative denied the rumors: "Travis strongly denied that he cheated Kelly, it is not true, he did not cheat. He just cancelled that night because of the bad weather. Earlier this month, another source said: "They have recently met with disagreements that all couples have encountered, but nothing more. The couple have always had a very strong relationship, and they choose to trust each other completely. The couple's interaction in social media is also quite frequent. After Jenna released her sexy photos on the social platform on Tuesday, Travis also left a heart-to-heart expression under the photos.

 Kelly Jenner

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