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  天游平台报道,More difficult than the train ticket of the Spring Festival is the premiere ticket of "Avengers 4". Some netizens said that the Uniqlo was originally the most difficult to grab, until after the pre-sale of Fulian 4. There was even a movie ticket of 1,000 yuan. In addition to a lot of Marvel fans, fear of spoilers has become the reason for the general audience to snap up. The release time of "Reunification 4" in the Mainland is confirmed as April 24, and will be released two days ahead of North America.

   The reporter observed the ticket sales of "Avengers 4" on the major ticketing platforms and found that many theaters have high attendance rates. The earliest zero-point field is even harder to find. The film length of "Avenger League 4" is 182 minutes. After reading it, it is three in the morning? No, that's gonna grab! According to Cat's Eye Professional Edition data, as of 16:00, the pre-sale box office is close to 20 million, and the film is up to 99.6%! "Avengers 4 pre-sales opened" also successfully boarded the microblogging hot search list. Are the superheroes resurrected? Who can defeat the tyrant? What will the future of Marvel Universe look like? These all make fans look forward to it. And more importantly, the release date of the "Avengers 4" in mainland China is April 24, two days earlier than North America! Therefore, the audience watching the zero point field will become the world's first audience to see the film!

 Avengers 4

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