Depp's ex-wife counterattack

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  天游平台报道,On April 12th, Aimee Hilde announced the latest court documents against the ex-husband Johnny Depp. These documents include her body being beaten by Depp, room destruction pictures and SMS records. In March, Depp sued Hilde, referring to her accusation of his family violence, and the fact was that Hilde had repeatedly violently abused him. Hilde broke the details of the domestic violence: Depp simmered medicine, long-term domestic violence beat her, and repeatedly injured her. She denied the domestic violence Depp, saying that she had never attacked Depp except for a self-defense and protection of her sister. She also denied allegations that Depp called her "forged scars" and "seriously cut Depp's fingers and almost broke."

   Depp accused Hilde of writing an article for the Washington Post that caused him embarrassment and demanded more than $50 million in compensation. He also said that Hilde had repeatedly rioted Depp, and Depp’s fingers were almost cut off, and when she was lying in bed, she was beaten by her. Depp thinks that Hilde’s domestic violence allegations is only a scam for her to publicize and promote her own business. The new court documents show that Hilde said that Depp would not remember his domestic violence because of alcoholism and drug abuse. She said that the two started dating in 2012, and a year later she saw Depp and Medication, and at this time Depp will become very violent. "We call that version of Johnny a ‘monster’.” She said: "When John is awake from alcohol and drugs, he often doesn't remember his delusions and violence."


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