"Sonic the Hedgehog" was too ugly

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  天游平台报道,The movie version of "Sonic the Hedgehog" released a new forecast in the world. "Someone has seen the latest horror film preview? The title is called Sonic the Hedgehog." "Although its protagonist looks like Sonic, we know it is a creature between the blue monkey and the cockroach." "A new childhood destruction!" In the face of negative noise, director Jeff Fowler responded on Twitter and will make improvements.

   Jeff Fowler issued a message: "Thank you for your support and criticism. These messages are very clear... Volkswagen is very dissatisfied with this character design and hopes to change it. We are correcting, Paramount and SEGA will do their best to make this role To the best." The director’s words also caused netizens to leave a message: “Is this time really enough?”, “The revision is good, but there is no need to put those sour words on the heart”, “The director is really hard”, “ Sonic's teeth are really a nightmare." "If you want to modify, the teeth are the first one", "Agree to modify Sonic, thank you for listening to our opinions." "Sonic the Hedgehog" was scheduled to be released in November this year. However, after the trailer event, will it be postponed due to the modification? This has become the focus of fans and video game fans. Nowadays, the version of "having teeth and long legs" may not appear in front of the public. Some netizens believe that it should become a certain part.

 Sonic the Hedgehog

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