Liu Yuling is named in Avenue of Stars

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  天游平台报道,On May 1st, Los Angeles time, Chinese actor Liu Yuling was awarded the star of the name, and she was named Hollywood Walk of Fame. Liu Yuling’s exclusive star is arranged next to the famous star of Huangliushuang. Huang Liushuang is the first Chinese-American star in American film history and the first Asian-American star to gain international fame. Liu Yuling became the second Chinese-American actress to be named on the Avenue of Stars. At the same time, she is also the fourth Chinese movie star to be named after Huang Liushuang, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan on the Avenue of Stars. On the same day, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore came to cheer. They worked with Liu Yuling in the movie "Charlie's Angels". Also at the same time, there is Liu Yuling’s son. He accompanied his mother to witness this historic moment.

   In 1990, Liu Yuling officially entered the film industry. In 1999, she became a hit with the popular TV series "Sweethearts". After 2000, Liu Yuling starred in "Charlie's Angels", "Kill Bill" and other popular films, worth rising. In 2012, Liu Yuling starred in CBS's crime-themed TV drama "Basic Deduction" and was a member of the Academy Awards in 2013. Be selected into the Avenue of Stars, every Hollywood movie star is eager. Chinese actresses can make a name in Hollywood. As a Chinese, we are honored.

 Liu Yuling

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