"Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition" exposure stills

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  天游平台报道,The film "Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition" produced by the American Columbia Film Company exposed a new stills. The two main characters, Spider-Man and Mystery, debuted in the same box for the first time. The relationship between the two is a hostile friend who has caused countless conjectures. Directed by director Joe Watts, the film starring Tom Herrend, Jack Gyllenhaal, Samuel Jackson and other famous Hollywood actors. The film continues the "Fulian 4" story line. After a lot of tempering, Spider-Man will travel to Europe to launch a new journey, open up a new battlefield, and fight against new enemies. The film is scheduled to be released in North America on July 2.

   In the new stills of this exposure, "Spider-Man" Peter Parker and the newly-recognized new character "Mystery Guest" Quentin Baker officially framed for the first time! Previously, the mysterious identity of the mystery and the enemy and friends has always caused heated discussions among fans, and various speculations have never stopped. Surprisingly, in the stills, the two wore their respective suits and looked in the same direction. The firm eyes and serious expression seemed to imply that the two would join hands to fight on the battlefield and cooperate against new threats. However, will the relationship between the two have a major turning point in this regard? Can you join hands in the film? The most different from the previous "Spider-Man: The Return of Heroes" is that today's Spider-Man, after going through many battles, must grow into a superhero. The director of the two films, Joe Watts, said, "Peter is well aware of his responsibility, but he still wants to take the tail of youth to go on holiday, but the villains will not give him time to grow."


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