Yang Chao Yue and her family

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  天游平台报道,Recently, "Creation 101" is the hottest hot spot. Dozens of girls have gained fame. Some have harvested tens of thousands of fans. Some have also been liked but they have also been smeared by many people. It makes sense. Yang Chaochao was such a girl who accidentally became the most controversial. In the beginning, because of the sweet looks and cute character supported by a large number of fans, the ranking has always been the first few places. Actually she is now one of the most popular players, but her popularity is getting higher and higher. The shortcomings of the lack of ability have also emerged. Many people hold onto this point, thinking that if an idol wins over others, they must have real strength, but the relative supporters will say that idols are for fans. Yes, many people like her.

   Actually, this has nothing to do with it, but as Yang Chao’s popularity is getting hotter and hotter, more and more enthusiastic people, especially certain media, recently seized Yang Chao’s tears and sang for a walk. The song did not hold, she felt that she had no strength, and some media interviewed her family. Then she used her family's environment to move the audience to attract fans. They were not for the benefit of Yang himself. Obviously, this behavior It is more like an opportunity to take advantage of the speculation, because nowadays, from the era when the media is so advanced, there is heat to think that there is interest. Yang Chaochao is now a famous celebrity on the hot search list, but it does not mean that she is already a big star, because when the heat of the past people will forget her, only to really make yourself stronger and more useful.


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