Spoiler behavior of superhero movies

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  天游平台报道,From "Superman" in the 1980s to the latest "Avengers 4", the stories of superheroes always attract countless audiences. Whenever a superhero film is released, people will protest the spoiler on the Internet. In particular, the recent "Avengers 4" hotspot has created a wave on the Internet, which is the embarrassment of the spoilers. But do superhero movies still need to be spoiled? The words "superhero film" are themselves a spoiler. The story of a superhero doesn't really have much room to move. Basically, you know the ending when you see the beginning, especially for superhero movies. The "superhero film" category is the biggest spoiler. As long as you know that a movie belongs to this category, you already know all the plots: ordinary people grow into heroes, good wars overcome evil, and the world that is on the verge of collapse is saved.

  So, what is the difference between watching this film and watching that film? The authors did this: if the plot is not fresh, it is necessary to create freshness elsewhere. They kept looking for new people, constantly creating topics for them, and making every effort to create new ideas in the context of dialogue and identity. The freshness of superheroes comes from the super power setting of the characters, the special effects update brought by the technology update, the relationship setting of the characters, the scene changes, and so on. When creativity is scarce and the stimulus is not strong enough, the producers will pull many superheroes into a story and let them appear at the same time. So, whenever you see people being irritated by the spoilers of superhero movies, aren’t all the superhero movies you've seen are the spoilers of the next superhero? There is nothing new under the sun, especially in the case of superheroes.


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