McMillan Williams plays Alia

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  天游平台报道,If it is not "Game of Thrones", most people in the world may not hear the name "Mc. Williams" for a lifetime. She is just an ordinary ordinary girl, sitting in the classroom and thinking about her future. . But because of this episode that has swept the world and become a benchmark for pop culture, the names of McMillan Williams and Aria Stark are forever tied together.

  "Alia is very lively, a bit rebellious, a tomboy, and she is very brave and quick-minded. She is eager to hear her voice, seeing the world is black and white... really a bit like me!" Because McMillan came alive, and McMillan completely overturned the trajectory of life because of Aria. In the past ten years, the two are hard to separate. McMillan is reluctant to leave Aria, but life always has to continue, and people always want to grow. Debut is the peak of a 22-year-old girl. Once trapped by this character, there may never be a day of life. So she began to think like Alicia, learn to use the resources at hand, to open a company to build third-party applications, to challenge the current rules of the film industry, to encourage the same age Z generation to show their talent, rather than addictive desire . Therefore, regardless of whether McMillan can successfully transform in the future, and deduct a representative role beyond Eliya. She has already posted a new label for herself - "Young Entrepreneurs."

  Game of Thrones

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