New Trailer for 《X-Men》

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  天游平台报道,The superhero blockbuster "X-Men: Black Phoenix" produced by American Twentieth Century Fox Company and American Marvel Film will be launched on June 6th. Through this film, the audience will see the final performance of the second-generation X-Men lineup on the big screen. Today, the film released the "Evil Advent" trailer. The piano was blackened by the power of the phoenix, attacking Professor X and Wan Wang. The darkest and most devastating farewell battle is about to start! As the film is approaching, you will also launch a global publicity campaign to meet the media and fans who are watching the film to meet the culmination of the X-Men series for 20 years.

  In the latest exposure of the trailer, Phoenix Qinqin·Gree has lost control of blackening after the power of the Phoenix, and the X-Men are shrouded in unprecedented anger and pain. In the face of the horrible strength of the strongest mutants in the universe, whether it is the X professor who is excited to try to awaken her conscience, or the fully magnetically opposed to her, the magnetic king is vulnerable. The threat of Phoenix Power has brought the entire world and the X-Men, who have been fighting side by side, into an unprecedented crisis. In the case that "justice" and "evil" cannot be defined, and "light" and "darkness" cannot be defined, the X-Men will work together to face the final battle of salvation and self-salvation.


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