Donnie Yen will participate in "Shangqi"

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  天游平台报道,According to the resthashtagshow report: Donnie Yen, Lin Ludi, and Ross Butler are expected to appear in Marvel's first Asian-American and Chinese superhero movie "Shangqi". Among them, Lin Ludi and Butler will compete in the protagonist of the film - the Chinese superhero.

  Marvel intends to discuss with Lin Ludi and look for candidates who are angry. However, the report also said that Lin Ludi is not necessarily the most promising actor. In the next few weeks, there will be other people exposed. The Marvel will begin to talk to the actors in the phase to see who will win the election. The report also said that he also heard that Butler may also have the opportunity to talk to Kevin Feggy. In addition, Marvel intends to ask Donnie Yen to play an unidentified role and want to talk to him. The report speculates that this role may be a "smart, older politician" because they have previously heard that Marvel is looking for an actor for such a role. In contrast, it is probably the role that Marvel wants to talk to. "Shangqi" has been directed by Destin Clayton, screenwriter Dave Karahan. In the comic book, the son of Fu Manchu, the Chinese villain, was born in Hunan and his mother was white. He was trained by his father in a remote place, proficient in long sticks, nunchakus, swords, etc. The film is said to have made a contemporary adaptation of his story, removing some stereotypes of Asians in comics.

 Donnie Yen

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