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  天游平台报道,According to foreign media reports, supermodel Shanina Shaik recently revealed that the "Victoria's Secret" big show was cancelled this year. She also deeply regrets this. Recently, supermodel Shanina Shaik confirmed in an interview with foreign media that this year will no longer hold "Victoria's Secret Show!" She said: "Unfortunately, there is no Victoria's secret show this year, which makes me a little used to it. Because at this time of the year I started training for the secret angels of Victoria. But I believe that there will be some in the future. I am sure that they are working hard to build Wei Mi and continue to do programs in new ways. Because it is the most good."

  In May of this year, there was news that Victoria’s secret big show might be stopped. At the time, the CEO of Victoria's secret brand recently hinted at Victoria's secret show that it would face major adjustments, or it would stop broadcasting: "Fashion is an ever-changing industry, we have to evolve and change, and TV and the Internet are no longer suitable for big shows. It will re-evaluate the traditional Victorian secret show and seek new forms after 2019." ABC was first broadcast in 2001, and 12.4 million viewers were still the highest in history. They were broadcast on CBS for 15 consecutive years and ABC in 2018. However, in recent years, the ratings have gradually declined. Last year, the number of viewers was only 3.27 million, and the ratings for 18-49 were only 0.9. Victoria’s Secret Big Show ratings have fallen for six consecutive years. The decline in ratings and the sharp decline in sales may have led to the cancellation of Victoria’s secret show.

  Victoria's Secret

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