Meet Li Xian occasionally,too gentle

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  天游平台报道,Some time ago, Li Xian and Yang Zi co-starred in a youth drama, but many people began to pay attention to this person. Li’s popularity during this time is quite high, especially those who have seen their works. It is even more like Li now, but in the real life, Li Xian is quite different from the drama. In the works, Li is very cold and cold, but in life he is a very gentle person. Just a while ago, some fans met Li Xian during the event, and they were very straightforward to take photos with their love beans. However, Li’s reaction at the time made everyone feel very surprised. Li Xian not only refused, but he took the initiative to agree, but this time it was not for fans who wanted to take pictures, although Li agreed.

  However, the brokers accompanying them stood up very quickly and prevented their photo taking behavior. Although the two people did not succeed in taking pictures, Li’s performance has made many people sprout, and many fans know Li Xian. After such a reaction, I said that my family's love beans are so cute. In fact, in normal times, Li Xian is really very lively. It is also irresistible to the interaction with fans. Although there is no such style as the overbearing president in the works, Li is still like this. Let everyone love it very much. In fact, a star can attract people, not only relying on a good work is enough, and now everyone is very curious about the status of the stars in their usual personality, like Li is such a real state, can attract everyone's favorite Let's go.

 Li Xian

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