Food safety is a matter of great concern

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  天游平台报道,Recently, a lot of people are very concerned about food safety issues, for feng flavor ingredients to make a survey of cookies, some of the data result is unqualified, for everybody to avoid misunderstanding, Nicholas tse specially made a statement, he said in a statement, on behalf of our company, this is not the quality of the food problem, just many cookies for the sampling, they will actively improve the quality of the food production, will continue to strictly controlled. We will continue to produce delicious food and provide you with safe cookies, so that you can rest assured that our products will always serve you sincerely.

   In order to reduce consumers' concerns, some products related to the samples have been removed from the shelves. Wait until the test results here come out and give you a satisfactory explanation.We all know Nicholas tse is a public man. Among many public figures, they have restaurants and produce products, and they take their industry seriously. They choose the best materials in the production process. Sometimes they even go far to find individual materials. So we hope that the quality of his food will be better and better, and that it won't happen again. After all, many people also like it. We all know Nicholas tse is a very strict person. Believe he zha do things also is very serious, the company's product quality problem is also can have a better improvement, so we are looking forward to the day of their products to stores, believe he would have been more and more walk more good.


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