Mayili appeared at the airport

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  天游平台报道,Something between the article and Ma Yili in the previous period has been aroused. Many people are very sorry about their marriage. They must know that when the article made mistakes, Ma Yi chose to forgive and went on together. Although the marriage of the two people continued, no one thought that after this matter had passed so long, the marriage of the two men was still separated. Although many netizens are saying that such a result is the best, after all, the article's current year, whenever it is harm to Ma Yili. But for what reason they both chose to separate, but everyone has no way to know. The two people have never had a definitive explanation for this matter. I believe everyone and Xiaobian hope that they are peace. separate.

  After the two people separated, Ma Yili rarely appeared in front of everyone, but recently, many people photographed Ma Yili at the airport, a black dress, wearing an incomparably elegant, although at the airport However, the whole person who walked up the road was a feeling of wind, and this time Ma Yi appeared not to cover it too much. Just wearing a white mask is too easy to be recognized by everyone. In fact, after the divorce, there are also many changes in Ma Yili’s body. This time, Ma Yi’s body seems to be a bit free and easy. a feeling of. Perhaps this state is the state of peace of mind for everyone, but everyone is still very much looking forward to Ma Yili returning to the entertainment circle to bring more good works to everyone.


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