Zhao Jinmai appeared on the red carpet,makeup looks bright

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  天游平台报道,This year's national drama ceremony, but let everyone see a different side of Zhao Jinmai, Zhao Jinmai has always been a girl in everyone's eyes, like a child who will always be a student, in fact this is also because of Most of the works of several years have appeared in this image in front of everyone. However, Zhao Jinmai ’s performance has recently widened a lot, and a new drama by Zhao Jinmai is about to meet everyone. This time, Zhao Jinmai put on ancient costumes, although it ’s still an ancient ghost. It has made everyone look forward to it. On the stage of the National Drama Festival, she felt like a child who suddenly grew up. This time Zhao Jinmai chose a very sweet and pleasant white lace top. The large puff sleeves made her look very petite, but she chose the style of rivets on the belt.

  In makeup, Zhao Jinmai is also very mature this time, making the whole person look mature but has a strong sense of girlhood. However, this teenage girl is still in adolescence, but there is still no way to compare with those actresses. Compared to the maturity of many female stars, Zhao Jinmai's smile on the red carpet of the National Drama Festival has already broken this mature atmosphere, but it has a lot of green feeling. This also makes many people talk about Zhao Jinmai's makeup artist. Although this time the choice of makeup is very successful, why can't remind Zhao Jinmai not to laugh when he is on the red carpet. In fact, Zhao Jinmai's face value has always been very online. This attempt also made everyone see Zhao Jinmai's development. I still look forward to Zhao Jinmai's future attempts at different styles.

 Zhao Jinmai

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