Zhang Ziyi encourages newcomers, too warm

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  天游平台报道,"I am an actor" This variety show I believe that many people can't stop after watching it. After all, every actor in this variety show lets everyone see a different side of an actor. In fact, in many works, no one can understand the actual work and interpretation status of an actor. However, through this variety show, everyone saw the difficulties of the actor profession, and also gave those real actors a stage. And this variety show also gave Meng Meiqi the girl a chance to show herself. After coming out of the stage of "Creation 101", Meng Meiqi's development has always been very good, and this time Meng Meiqi began to challenge herself. Opened the path of his own actors. On the stage of "I Am an Actor", Meng Meiqi has demonstrated her acting skills.

  However, on this stage, there are still many things that make her difficult, but Zhang Ziyi also noticed the girl's heart, and encouraged Meng Meiqi to challenge herself in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" on Weibo. Yu Jiaolong's role. In fact, Meng Meiqi's performance on the stage was still very good, and Zhang Ziyi's warm encouragement, I believe it will also become Meng Meiqi's affirmation in the performing arts. On the actor's road, Zhang Ziyi has been traveling for 20 years, and she can be regarded as the top figure in this industry. If she can get such affirmation, I believe Meng Meiqi will continue to have more confidence in the future. I still look forward to the future development of Shanzhi's sister, but the actor's path is not easy, I still want her to experience it.

 Zhang Ziyi

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