Yishuqian seal is growing

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  天游平台报道,When it comes to tfboy, with the combination, how many people's impression of them still stays in the image of the children when they first combined. But recently "young you" was released, which changed people's view on Yishuai Qianxi. Under the fear of campus violence, the appearance of the gangster played by Yi yiyiqianxi was like sunshine, which gave her warm light before the college entrance examination. Before that, I always knew that yishuqian Xi sang well and was a low-key person. In this combination, yishuqian Xi was not very brilliant, but the one that many people often ignored. Even when it was just started, some people said that yishuqian Xi was ugly. But this time, Yishuai Qianxi really came to a beautiful turn. Maybe as an idol combination, it's not very suitable for him, but as an actor, his path is just beginning. Although this is not the first work performed by yisuqian Xi, it is the most memorable role for everyone.

  After the release of "young you", the impact is not small. Campus violence is not a very concerned point, but it hurts the hearts of many children. Although "the young man" plays a lot of tragic things in high school, but this movie is the beginning of Yi closing thousand seals. In the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards, a list of the best actor was released. With the help of this film, Yi yisuqian Xi appeared in the list. Not only the best actor, but also the best new actor. Double nominations are not uncommon in the Golden Awards, but there are few people who can achieve double nominations at such a young age as the 39th Hong Kong Film Golden Awards. The future of yisuqian seal, which can compete with Kuo Fu Cheng as the film emperor, must be incalculable.

 Yi Yangqianxi

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