Is Xie na pregnant?

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  天游平台报道,At this time, the Internet world has become a gathering place for everyone to look for joy. Recently, a very hot news came out. Xie Na is pregnant, and there are photos as evidence. At this time, fans have come here to watch the event. This time, the credibility of netizens' exposure is very high. The photo was thrown out naked for everyone to see. In the photo, Xie Na stood at the window and her hair was tied up casually, just like everyone else at home. At this time, Xie Na was the same as before, full of heroism. But when you look down, you will not be calm. Originally, when you saw Xie Na wearing a yellow suspender skirt, you wanted to boast about her youth and beauty. But when you saw her belly, you would jump out of your mind one by one. Xie Na's slightly raised abdomen is pregnant. Some time ago, everyone joked that it's a good time to get pregnant. Has Xie Na started to have a baby?

  However, the slight bulge is not necessarily pregnancy, it may also be eating fat, but in addition to the small bulge visible in this tight suspender skirt, there is really no place to be fat. And just as we were talking about Zhenghuan, a video of Xie Na's assistant opening the door came out. In the video, Xie Na used to run all the way to open the door for Xie Na, for fear that the appearance of slowing down would make you more suspicious of the authenticity of Xie Na's pregnancy news. In addition, after giving birth to twins, Xie na has really rested for a long time. It's no surprise that she is pregnant now. Just when everyone is ready to wish Xie Na and Zhang Jie new members, the official answer comes. Xie said in her microblog that the photo was taken a long time ago. In addition, when she refuted the rumors, she did not forget to show that she was a man with a vest line, and told everyone not to occupy the position of the news during the epidemic.

 Xie Na

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