Fan Bingbing wins the second trial

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  天游平台报道,As stars, their daily life is also very difficult, not only to face a lot of work, but also a lot of black powder to deal with. It's very difficult for a star to live a good life. Just a while ago, Fan Bingbing sued black powder, which attracted a lot of people's attention. At the beginning, Fan Bingbing was merciful to black powder. The company created by Fan Bingbing won the second trial. At that time, Fan Bingbing lost the first trial, which made many people see jokes, and even said that stars were just like this , which makes them unbearable. Even in the later stage, they increased their economic losses by 10 times, from 2000 yuan to 20000 yuan. But this time, I can't make the other party cry. It's not as good as winning the case directly in the first instance.

  The compensation of 20000 yuan is not a small amount for this company. However, we are very supportive of Fan Bingbing's behavior. No matter who he is, whether he is a star or an ordinary person, his reputation needs to be protected. As stars, their reputation is damaged, which will bring a lot of influence to ordinary people. This time, the winning of the lawsuit also makes everyone very supportive of the court's practice. Although Fan Bingbing once said that he had stains on his body, it doesn't prove that he can't be forgiven after correction. We are also very looking forward to when Fan Bingbing can recollect them in front of you. Although there has been news of Fan Bingbing's comeback in this period of time, Fan Bingbing hasn't made any moves. I wonder if you are looking forward to Fan Bingbing's comeback together?


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