Yu Yan training room down

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  天游平台报道,I believe that many people have watched "youth with you 2". In this program, many little sisters are very warm. Although everyone is still dissatisfied with the ranking of the program, the overall quality of the program and the girls and sisters participating in the program are very good. In the program, I believe that no one does not know the brilliant metaphor. In the program, the metaphor has always been a representative of the powerful group. Even a lot of people have said that if he can't reach the end with his strength, then there is no reason for the program group if there is no inside story. Although we don't know what the next performance of this young lady will be, everyone's evaluation of her is still very high. In the program, metaphor is also a very wonderful work.

  Not only do you have to get up early to watch the sunrise every morning, but also you can keep it under such high-intensity training and exercise yourself every day. However, a strong girl like him will fall down one day. To say that Yu Yan has such self-discipline, there should be no big problem in terms of her body. But during the rehearsal, Yu Yan actually fell down. Because it was too hard, Yu Yan finally fell down in the training room after dancing with everyone. And in order not to delay everyone's training time, Yu said that he always said that he could train with everyone. Even though his body could not bear it, he still didn't give up, which made many people feel very distressed. Even his group of young ladies and sisters have been urging her not to persist. Go back for a while 。

 Yu Yan

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