Elf Prince is making a new boyfriend

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  天游平台报道, According to foreign media reports, "Elf Prince" Lippes has revealed that he is dating a new boyfriend, it is reported that the new boyfriend is a fashion executive, but did not disclose his boyfriend's name and age, but Lippes said he was happy, new love is also his motivation to come out. One of the reasons Lippes openly came out was because of his new love affair and his own role.

   The characters Joe Pitt and Joe Pitt from the stage play "Angels in America" also came out, giving Lippes the courage to declare his sexual orientation and to say he's happy now. Very happy, new love is sweet and stable. Lippes made his first film in 2003, and then became known for his role as the Black Forest Elf King Serendil in the Hobbit series, and "Elf Prince" became another synonym for Lippes, making him ten. A popular American artiste. In an interview on March 5, 2018, Lippes disclosed the fact that he had come out of the closet, saying it was because his new boyfriend had the courage to announce it and that he had a good relationship with his boyfriend. Nevertheless, Lee Pei Si also indicated that knew oneself is the comrade's matter, formerly cooperated with own broker no longer cooperated with own. He said the new agent called himself for coffee and asked if the story about the gay man was true, and Lippes also said "Is there a problem with this?" The other side said it was okay, just needed to know, and then a year later, the two sides stopped cooperating. Despite the relatively low recognition of homosexuality in Hollywood, Lippes said it was important for him and chose to be open.

Elf Prince

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